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Plus1 Rewards Program

Get rewarded for planning your orders all at once.


Take advantage of the ROTR Plus1 Program that gives you bonus points for placing multiple orders online. When you place back to back orders online, you get to choose between a Delivery Fee Discount and a Rewards Points Bonus on every order placed after the first order. Here's how:

Step 1.

Complete your first food delivery order online.

Step 2.

Use the "Start New Order" button on the confirmation page to begin your next order.*

Step 3.

Select either a delivery fee discount or Rewards point bonus at the prompt. Your selection will automatically apply to the new order.

There's no limit on the number of orders, so plan your entire calendar today and take advantage of ROTR's exclusive Plus 1 benefits!

* Please note that orders must be started within 10 minutes of each order to qualify for Plus 1.